Thursday, January 3, 2013

Russian River Brewing Bowing Out of WA State

Just learned some sad news for Pliney the Elder fans in Washington state. Actually for fans of all Russian River brews... RR is leaving the state (last distribution was in December) due to their inability to produce enough beer to meet demand. Their brewpub on 4th St. in Santa Rosa accounts for for the bulk of their revenues (and if you've seen the crowds, you understand) and according to Vinnie Cilurzo, "is our number one customer."
They have reached their brewing capacity of 14,000 barrels so they made the decision to keep the beer destined for Washington back at the brewpub, where demand continues to grow (just wait til next month when Pliney the Younger becomes available).

So, bad news for Washington residents, but good news for us who visit the pub regularly.

Photo: Russian River website

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