Sunday, December 22, 2019

Burning Blush Has a Grand Grand Opening

Burning Blush Brewery Grand Opening is officially over but you can still go visit. Weather for the opening day was ideal so the crowd took advantage of the large beer garden area benches conveniently located near the food truck.
You knew it was an official opening cause Cuzzin Adam Willier was there, along with fellow Thomas Creek brewers; Jared Tuttle from Liability Brewing Co. and Eric Boice from Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant plus representatives from White Labs Kitchen & Tap

Whit Lanning's Helles was very popular as was the porter. I was impressed with the Pecking Order Hierarchy Vienna Lager and the Square Your Luck Juicy IPA was dry-hopped goodness! 

A grand, Grand Opening and I foresee many happy hours will be spent there by craft beer lovers, families and friends, especially next year when the warm weather returns

Congratulations again to Whit and crew for a spectacular kick-off!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Holiday Shopping Events, Part 1

Attention GVille Shoppers!!

If you like sipping beer while doing your holiday shopping (and who doesn't) here's an opportunity to do just that:

And if you want to just have a beer, Quest Brewing Company is releasing YuYum Pecan Porter today, which is sorta holiday like.... it's got pecans and so does pecan pie which is one of my fave holiday treats!

This weekend will have lots of similar activities happening; contact your favorite breweries, pie shops and gift stores for their scheduled events.
Cheers and Happy Shopping!!