Monday, October 23, 2017

Carolina BrewHaHa - 2017

The 2017 version of Carolina BrewHaHa ( is now in the history books, and that history will show that it was another big success with some outstanding beers and new brewery attendees; New Groove Artisan Brewery in Boiling Springs one ( and Cooper River in Charleston another (
The event was not overly crowded so it was easy to get to the beer pourers and for VIP ticket holders, some very special beers, including a two year old Cold Mountain from Highland Brewing, Asheville.

There was also good music ( to sip beer and toe tap by, excellent brats and lots of friendly, like-minded beer lovers. A recipe for success, every year. Well done, Jake.

In between tastes, I managed to grab a few snaps. Maybe you or a friend are in here:

See ya there next year!


Sunday, October 8, 2017

GABF Results: Hillman Brewery

Planning a visit to Hillman Brewing in Asheville, NC,  this coming Thursday (Oct 12) to get a taste of their GABF Bronze medal winning beer, Four Fat Baby, Belgian-Style Quadrupel. At 10.1% abv, I'll be treading carefully but eager to try it. Major congrats to the Hillman crew on this awesome win!! I'll post my reactions after the visit.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back in the USA

As some of you know, Kay and I spent the last two weeks visiting France and Italy. More of a wine expedition than beer tho we did drink a lot of helles, pils and weizens...

...some of the adventures will be recounted soon, after some extensive photo editing. For now, some just returned home activities:

Back to a busy day here in the Greenville beer community. Thomas Creek Brewery had a sour release, three of them, all of which I really liked, and Quest Brewing Company had an art show going on. Keep an eye out for their Funkcation 2.0. It's a delicious, big flavored brew. And, no, I won't tell you how I know.