Wednesday, January 2, 2013

6Rivers Begins the Year!

Some friends and I decided that Sprenger's Tap Room would be a fine venue for watching the Badgers battle a tree (?). As usual, there was quite a beer selection available and, as usual, I chose something new to try, in this case, 6Rivers Sasquatch Ale. It's high alcohol (9%) was well balanced with the hoppy, roasted malt flavors with very little bitterness in the finish. The dark color (10+ SRM) was inviting tho the glass had been over-poured with no head. 
I also had a 101North Heroine IPA, which I have discussed in the past. It went well with the spicy wings (as did the Sasquatch) and I noticed a bit more malty sweetness this time, tho it's the hoppy flavor that sets this one apart.
Regardless of the fact the the Badgers did not topple the Tree, we had a fun time, filled with beer, food and laughs. My kinda day!!

6Rivers in McKinleyvile, way up north off 101.

Photo: 6Rivers website.

Here's how the Brewery describes the Sasquatch that I enjoyed:

Sasquatch Ale - Alcohol content 9.3%
Strongly and aggressively hopped. Legendary flavor, like the beast itself.

Also saw this description of another of their ales which I certainly find interesting and want to try:

Chile Pepper Ale - Alcohol content 6.0%
2004 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal Winner! Our Weatherman Wheat infused with Carlos' special blend of fire roasted chiles. 

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  1. With all the boutiques trying to be unique, an apt name might be CHICKEN FEED.
    BWDIK but what do I know! It's on my diet