Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hectic Three Weeks

Getting the house ready for MLS listing and the annual trip back to Wisconsin has made the last 3 weeks very hectic and action-filled. Now, we're back from drought-afflicted WI and the house is filled with visitors day after day... tho no offers.
However, none of that dampened my beer discovery enthusiasm so here are some beers that I have enjoyed in recent days... most of which were in Wisconsin.
My new cap with bottle cap magnets. Sharp!!

Before heading to WI, we made one more stop for music and Little Sumpin at Lagunitas, where the music is now performed in the amphitheaterette (?).
Bought a new cap at Lagunitas just prior to the trip to impress out-of-staters with my discerning taste in beer.

Our first trip after arriving in WI was to head to Springfield, IL, to see the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. Developing a thirst along the way, Normal, IL, is the home of Distihl Brewery and Pub, so of course we stopped. I like their slogan on their parking lot banners.
Trying their samplers (4 ozs) was a good way to familiarize myself with their offerings. I had the Hoperation Overload Double IPA, the Black Torrant Black IPA, Redbird Ale, and the Antiquity Rye. Hoperation was my fave, tho I did enjoy the rye... I've started paying attention to that brew lately. Makes a good change of pace and palate cleanser after all that IPA!
Destihl's complete menu.