Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Eqsuire Mag Chooses Charleston Beer Bar

Some very nice comments made about one of my favorite beer drinking (and eating) spots in Charleston, Edmund's Oast, in the latest Esquire, under the heading of "New twists on old world beer bars." Very well deserved, imho. Went to a Sour Fest earlier this year and was just awed by the selections and quality.


Got to get back down there soon!!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Stone Beer Invades Wine Country

Stone Brewing has added to its expanding beer empire, this time right to the heart of CA wine country, Napa. Yet another reason to visit this iconic wine producing region. I remember seeing this building years ago when Kay and I were having a play-day in downtown Napa. Not far from Downtown Joe's, Napa's only brewery for a long time.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

French Broad and Thirsty Monk Get Together

But, it's not what you think.

I thought I had already mentioned this, but apparently not. Just some more consolidations taking place in the craft beer environment, this time in Asheville. Since I like the beers from both entities, this should work out well;



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sexual Chocolate Coming Sooner Than Expected

Fans of Foothills' Sexual Chocolate (which includes me) will be excited by this news:

"(Winston-Salem,SC) – Bourbon Barrel Sexual Chocolate time is here – earlier in the year than ever before. This year, for the first time, we’re releasing this NC Beer rarity in the spring, on Saturday May 21. We received a fresh batch of bourbon barrels late last year and, not wanting to wait to fill them, brewed a special batch of Sexual Chocolate just for barrel aging. And they’re ready.""


Monday, May 9, 2016

Quest Brewing Gets Gold

In case you haven't heard, Quest Brewing Company just won gold at the World Beer Cup for their (and one of my top ten beers) Ponce in the Field Beer category. This is big, folks. Congrats to Don Richardson, Andrew and the entire Quest crew for this well deserved accolade. I love this beer.

Staying on subject (Gold Medals et al) for a bit longer, I have been told by Don Richardson that the Quest Brewing Company Medal winner, Ponce, will be on tap again this Saturday. Made me think back to when I first had it. Might have been at last year's GCBF at Fluor Field, where Joe was pouring it. Could have been before that. The point being that I have liked that beer for a long time!! Again, congrats to everyone at Quest for this achievement.

Cheers and congrats!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Belgium Asheville Tasting Room Opens

As promised, here's my coverage of the New Belgium Tasting Center's opening yesterday, not the least hampered by the occasional rain showers with lightning accompaniment. Not overly crowded (thanks to it being Monday?) so we could appreciate the facility and get our beers promptly, thanks to our server Michael (who does not accept tips per company policy, being employee owned). Couple beers were available there only, especially a RyeIPA, which was a group favorite. I can imagine what the crowds will be like in the future, but for now, I'd recommend getting there soon if your plans include New Belgium on an Asheville beer crawl.

On this day, you had to be 21 to get in. Not sure about future visits.

 The Brewery itself is not yet open to the public.

I can imagine that when the wind is coming from the West, the mash aroma should fill this room too.

Good size deck will be very popular, overlooking the river.

River Arts District on the other side of the French Broad river.

Pet friendly.

Michael did a great job of serving.

Folks like me really appreciate the open feeling in the tasting room.

Offerings of the day. That RyePA was special but probably gone by now.