Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Free Beer Barresl? Yes!

Before rushing off to WI, you should know that Octopi is home to Untitled Art brewing so possibly some of these barrels have been part of their aging program. Waunakee is very near Madison.


THEY’RE BACK! Now until they’re gone: spend $100 online or in person on any combination of beer, food and merchandise and receive one FREE. All you have to do is make a note of it on your online order or tell us in person that you’re interested in one of these beautiful barrels
**Please note, these barrels are heavy and may contain remnants of beer, please bring a friend to help you load it into your vehicle if you need assistance:

Cheers and good luck!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

D9 Brewing Open In Hendersonville

 Just a FYI:

 A new brewery in Hendersonvill, SC, is open. By my count, that's 6 breweries now!

Details here:



Monday, July 12, 2021

New Groove Crispifest Update


Crispifest is now in the history books, probably under the heading, "Best First-Time Events" cause that was the case. Mostly lagers with a few IPAs and Stouts thrown in just to keep one's palate entertained. Still going through my notes, but here are some glimpses of various activities during the Fest hours. 
Was a hot day so a few folks found relief by splashing in a convenient (if small) pool that was handy. Adam Willier broke the ice, so to speak which led to MiMi Medlin joining in. 
Add their experience as another reason to put this event on next year's calendar. Josh Dodson and Jonathan Duke assured me that this event will be repeated!! 
A Crispi Cheers, everyone!

 Crispi Cheers!

Candy Camper A Prize From Sycamore Brewing #CandyCamperContest

 Sycamore came to town to take over taps at Community Tap and brought along this amazingly compact little camper/trailer which will be given away as the prize in a competition for best video using this hashtag: #CandyCamperContest

 So of course, the Brew Crew offered these submissions, total winners both!



Crispi-Boi Festival

Saturday was the first-ever Crispi Fest at New Groove Artisan Brewery and it was a grand time for all attendees, hot temps not withstanding. 

I’m currently editing photos and consulting my notes to better explain why it was such a special, much appreciated in-person festival. I’ll also explain this photo:




Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fire Forge Celebrated 3rd Anniversary!


Today could be a good day to start planning your weekend craft beer activities. Here's one that I'll be adding to my to-do list.
Fireforge Crafted Beer is having a 3rd Anniversary party this weekend which will include new releases of beer, music, food, beer and more beer. My kind of schedule.
Ran across couple of photos from their opening day back in 2018, June 13 to be exact. Brian Cendrowski, Ken and Nicole Zokan Cendrowski have made FF one of the top players (and Award winners) in the GVille beer community today. Congratulations and see ya Friday! And Saturday.

Cheers and see ya there!!