Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Belgium Asheville Tasting Room Opens

As promised, here's my coverage of the New Belgium Tasting Center's opening yesterday, not the least hampered by the occasional rain showers with lightning accompaniment. Not overly crowded (thanks to it being Monday?) so we could appreciate the facility and get our beers promptly, thanks to our server Michael (who does not accept tips per company policy, being employee owned). Couple beers were available there only, especially a RyeIPA, which was a group favorite. I can imagine what the crowds will be like in the future, but for now, I'd recommend getting there soon if your plans include New Belgium on an Asheville beer crawl.

On this day, you had to be 21 to get in. Not sure about future visits.

 The Brewery itself is not yet open to the public.

I can imagine that when the wind is coming from the West, the mash aroma should fill this room too.

Good size deck will be very popular, overlooking the river.

River Arts District on the other side of the French Broad river.

Pet friendly.

Michael did a great job of serving.

Folks like me really appreciate the open feeling in the tasting room.

Offerings of the day. That RyePA was special but probably gone by now.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Community Tap's Annual Beer Fest A Crowd Pleaser

If there is a craft beer event more worthy of its reputation than that of the The Community Tap's annual beer fest, I'm not sure what it would be. Back home, safely, editing photos et al, reflecting on how this was such an amazing event, location and weather for this day. The beers weren't bad either. More details to follow. In the meanwhile, here are some of the crowd having a good time. ‪#‎GCBW‬

Cheers!  #nextyear

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fun on the Farm - Greenbrier, that is.

Fun times down on the farm tonight, literally!! Greenbrier Farms turned their Wednesday night Porch series into a ‪#‎GCBW‬ event, with 4 breweries pouring and two wood fired pizza ovens churning out delicious pies! There was food, wine (!), beer, music, dancers and, oh, more beer.
The Farm is a bit of a drive to get there, tho it is very scenic and comforting, in a country kind of way.
This was my 4th GCBW event in a row, I'm trying to stay focused, here are some photos which hopefully capture some of the fun. I'm off for a nap!

Cheers and on to the next event!!!

Upstate Craft Beer Co Comes Through For #GCBW

I know it's only Tuesday, but the ‪#‎Greenvillecraftbeerweek‬ event at ‪#‎Upstatecraftbeer‬ has to rank as one of the top events that local beer brewers/lovers have enjoyed so far. This was the big collaboration night that was so highly anticipated.

13 breweries, active or about to be, were represented by their efforts in making this collaboration history. Looking around I saw practically all of the Greenville brewing heavy weights gathered on one spot for some true appreciation of what each was capable of, with the assistance of Chris Hardin, Upstate brewmaster, and Jack McDonald, co-owner. 

I'll get into the brews that caught my attention later (there were several) but for now, a few fotos that hopefully capture the spirit of the event. Btw, the muffin tins you see in abundance are a link to the history of the building that houses Upstate, the Clausen Bakery. Drop by the brewery and Chris or Jack will be happy to give you the details that fueled this inspired tribute.

Cheers and on to the next event!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Greenville Craft Beer Week V.3

It's happening! The Greenville Craft Beer Week is up and running (drinking?) on all fermenters.

Sunday afternoon was the official start at Brewery85, with help from Upstate Craft Beer Co,  where people sat at tables to recite embarrassing answers to fill in the blank questions, otherwise known as Cards Against Humanity. I guess the beer helps remove inhibitions, people seemed to be into it.  

Next stop was Bistro Passerelle where The Community Tap joined with Passerelle's chef Teryi Youngblood to provide a unique pairing of special beers with Teryi's creations. Limited seating sold out and the afternoon was perfect. I would have loved to stay but duty called (read: they offered me no free beer) so I headed for the next event.

 Which was the fund raising beer auction at Barleys Taproom. The pool tables upstairs served as displays for the donated brews with their silent auction bid sheets. Some hard to find and unusual beers were offered. A live auction energized the crowd at 8pm or so. Last word I received was that the live auction raised over $5000. for The Julie Valentine Center, which offers support for abused children. Good beer, a good time and a good cause. Another example of the benevolent activities of the craft beer community.

More to come of course, it's only Monday, including a dinner/beer pairing at The Trappe Door tonight. I'll report on those later in the week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Citra Kollision On Tap

Great (and unbiased) news: the collaboration beer that I brewed with Jason Uhrinek, Citra Kollision, a session IPA with wicked amounts of Citra hops, is now on tap @Upstate Craft Beer Co. Come join me in this resiny wonder!!! Thanks again to Chris and Jack for making this possible.

It came in at 60 IBUs and 5.0 ABV. Perfect Session IPA. Bottle conditioning the bombers this week, bring'em home next week.