Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quest Brewing's New Canning Line

Quest Brewing Company has a new canning line which I experienced last week.... can be fascinatin' watching the cans go thru the process. Perceptive Concepts representative Todd Vriesenga was on hand to tweak the controls while Don, Adam, Jeremy and Andrew did the honors. I just watched, sipped, and photo'd. Don Richardson Adam Cribbs Jeremy Albert Andrew Watts

With so many municipalities no longer supporting glass recycling, look for more and more breweries to add cans to their beer line up, if they aren't already.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Doing The Polka At Sierra Nevada, Mills River

What a polka party!!! Of course, I am talking about the big Oktoberfest yesterday at Sierra Nevada Brewery, Asheville, NC, my first time to visit (h/t Brent Hodgson). All you would expect from the Grossman family: plenty of good music, food, seasonally appropriate beers, all made for a very lively time with dirndls and lederhosen in abundance. Surprisingly, the event took place in tents in a large field below the actual brewery so we couldn't play bocce on their excellent courts, but it was truly a festival. Put it on your calendar for next year. Here are a few pics from the day; I actually was more of a participant this time, so there are not as many photos as I might have taken otherwise. Prost!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Birds Fly South Brewery Tours Now Available

Was very pleased to be among the first group for the inaugural Birds Fly South Ale Project's brewery tour. If you are truly interested in how Shawn produces such consistently good farmhouse saisons and sour ales, then I suggest you join him on Saturdays, 3 or 5pm, and let him explain why all those barrels are necessary. Price of the tour includes the glass and all the beer it will hold. Win-win.

Virginia Brewery Crawl, Part 1.

Back home again, after an 8 day trip thru Virginia's Shanandoah Valley, enjoying the history and the bounty of new breweries to try. Still editing and selecting photos, but here's a brief look at some of the  spots where we got some very good beer:

Starr Hill is just outside of Charlottesville, VA, and we do get some of their beer here in SC, but mostly in bombers (22 oz). Random Row is downtown Charlottesville and has only been open for 4 weeks when we were there. All their beers were good in my estimation. I'll have more to say when I finish writing the story

Cheers and stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Carolina BrewHaHa, V.4

As promised, some photo highlights of the Fourth BrewHaHa in Anderson. Accolades belong to Jake Grove for hosting another successful event while being featured by a BBC video crew... multi tasking indeed. Warm weather made the Saisons, Sours and Belgians especially refreshing, but there was a beer for every taste, I'm sure; just look at all the smiling faces!
And adding a mist station, brilliant!