Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Surviving Rain Deluge at Bold City

Major rain deluge caught up with us just as we arrived at Bold City Brewery, but turned out to be the perfect spot for tasting new beer, listening to a Blues trio and watching the parking lot flood. Yep, the good life!!


We both had the Mad Manatee IPA which was a nicely balanced hop bomb, using 4 different varieties ( the names of which got lost in the rain) for an appropriate nose-satisfying aroma but with a solid backbone of slightly sweet toasted barley and a very taste bud pleasing citrus finish. Don't know why the Manatee was Mad but we were happy to discover this brew.

Intuition Brewery in Jacksonville

The first new brewery we encountered in Jacksonville was Intuition Ale Works. We got there by Trolley, which made it very convenient for one accustomed to high gravity brews.

Kay instantly became a big fan of I-10 IPA (she bought some cans six-packs to bring home) and I got a real kick out of the Liverkick Imp. Black IPA (is that a pun?). This facility is in a rather nondescript building sort of out on its own, but worth the find.

One half of their menu. I had the Riverside Red, found it to be a bit more malty than hoppy, but good!

Reflecting on our Florida Beer Safari

Back home after some satisfying beer adventures in the sunny state of FL!

Today's quiz:

Where is this beer loving community?

If you said, Jacksonville, you are correct. Details to follow.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Quest Brewing's Thursday Night Concerts Are Back For The Summer!

As expected the Quest Brewing Company's Thursday night kick off was very successful in starting the season. And the Tolba Collaboration Brown Ale with Terrapin was a hit, I really liked it and saw plenty of other people enjoying it too!! 

 Great music tonight, the Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy band played like Nashville pros and the crowd loved them. Peruse the pics while I recover from perhaps one too many Tolbas and one DIPA.

Enjoying Shonna and her band.

Don really likes his job!!

Greg, the IPA dog.

Inside tap room equally busy.

ThoroughFare Food Truck was hopping tonight!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brewery85 Celebrating Craft Beer With Games

Fun times this afternoon at Brewery 85's Games Day. Ever played Connect 4? Me either but I saw some folks taking it very seriously. And something called Jinga? A game with destruction as the goal, apparently. Very glad to see the success of this new brewery and I am not influenced in that opinion by the tasty pint of Yeoman I had. Well, ok, maybe a little influenced. Enjoy the pix while I finish off this beer.
Oh, and thanks to Hog Hauler for the dinner suggestions!

No Wrist Band, no Beer. It's the law!!
Getting tickets gets you started on this fun day.
A happy, hop-infused trio!
Locals can stop by after work for a quick pint!
Tim and Allison slugging it out on the Connect 4 board.

Suzanne had a deft touch on this Jinga (Jenga) tower.
Allison is living dangerously!

Oops! James learns the agony of defeat!!

CW, r, and Ryan seem to be tied in the game so far.

Family event as well, and close to the food trucks too!

Daniel,l, and Shawn await in the overflow tent.

Will's parents, Ed and Lib, came to join in the festivities and share their son's success.

Jeremy, l, and Will agreed to take a minute out to pose for an official portrait.

Thanks to Hog Hauler for the dinner suggestions!
 Cheers to all and to all, a good night!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greenville Craft Beer Week Now Underway!

Yep, we've been waiting for this and the day has now come... the opening day for Greenville Craft Beer Week.

If this is Monday, then it must be the official start to Greenville Craft Beer Week, so I started it at the Greenville Growler Station where Big Jon was holding a class on Beer 101, the beginnings of beer in this country, all the way back to the 1600's. Love his classes cause they always include samples!! Learned that at one time, recently actually, there were on 89 breweries in the country! Most of them owned by big conglomerates. As this week celebrates, the beer scene nationally has improved immensely.

Big Jon (l), John McAlpine, and Brook Bristow starting the week in grand style.

Big Jon opens the Beer 101 Class, starts with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Pat's Day a Busy One!

A St Patrick's Day to remember.... started at Oskar Blues Brewery North Carolina where I was allowed to participate in the morning's quality control tasting and later, after a quintessential Irish lunch at Jack of the Woods, a first-time visit to Hi-Wire Brewing where Cynthia played a most gracious host(ess). More details to follow tomorrow, I'm too worn out!!