Friday, May 29, 2015

Beer List For Summer Thirsts

Yep, another listicle but this has some delicious offerings. Read on:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Back to Woodstock

Well, not the place you might think. Read on:

Wasn't able to visit several of Atlanta area breweries, but did have a memorable time visiting two craft beer destinations in Woodstock (near where we were staying with family in Canton). In addition to a catchy name, the town has developed a very beer friendly community (no thanks to inane GA laws). First stop was at Barrel and Barley which calls itself a Craft Beer Market. Retail up front, growler fill in the rear. Hasn't been open in this location very long, but there was a steady flow of visitors, growlers in hand, while I was there. Took a pic of the menu and then took away a growler of Red Brick Casual IPA, a real session beer at 4.5% abv.

Second spot was Reformation Brewery, nearby. First launched in Halloween, 2014, this medal-winning brewery is rapidly becoming a success. Several expansions have already taken place, they now have a unique 17 Hectalitres system which is hopefully keep up with demand for awhile. GA law requires them to sell a tasting glass or mug, which then comes with 6 tasting tickets. Odd, I know, but they make it work. They are known for their Cadence, a Reformed Belgian Ale (???), which I liked, possibly due to the fig infusion. Technically a Dubble, it's very drinkable at 6.9% abv.

I am also a fan of their IPA, which they call Atlas, made with Malted Rye and plenty of Columbus & Cascade Hops. 6.8% abv.

I suggest you visit their website to learn more about them and their reformed behavior. I'll look in on them next time I'm visiting my relatives in the area.

 Cheers from Woodstock (the other one) GA.

Monday, May 11, 2015

More Craft Beer Week News

Don't know if it will make it here in time for ACBW but this new offering from Stone (Escondido, CA) sounds like a real taste-bud tickler:

"Starting today, fans can look forward to a truly unique West Coast imperial IPA blended with a Belgian-style tripel that was aged in reposado tequila barrels previously used to mature red wine. That limited offering, Ecliptic/Wicked Weed/Stone Points Unknown IPA, (made possible with the help of two renowned craft breweries) will start arriving in 22-ounce bottles and on draft to select retailers in markets where Stone beer is sold."

Monday, April 27, 2015

Stone Brewing Offers New Mandarina Bavaria Hop In New Pale Ale

Just learned about this new hop... read on:

"ESCONDIDO, CA (April 27, 2015) – Nearly 19 years ago, beer geek entrepreneurs Greg Koch and Steve Wagner launched Stone Brewing Co., selling the very first keg of Stone Pale Ale to San Diego County brewpub Pizza Port. Since that inaugural offering (a creation developed by original Stone Brewmaster Steve Wagner), Stone has earned a reputation for making a wide variety of bold, flavorful and often hop-centric beers. Starting today, a bold new version of Stone Pale Ale—artfully dubbed Stone Pale Ale 2.0—will begin arriving in 12-ounce six-packs and on draft.
More than a year ago, Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele was presented with the challenge of reimagining this iconic recipe. Before deciding on the final formulation for Stone Pale Ale 2.0, Greg, Steve, Mitch and the brewing team evaluated a number of prototypes. It was ultimately decided that the new year-round release should feature a distinctive new hop variety known as Mandarina Bavaria and a radically different grain bill.  
“Revamping this recipe was a really big project for us, especially since our loyal fans, myself included, have an emotional attachment to Stone Pale Ale,” explains Wagner. “Mitch and the brewing team really stepped up to the challenge and created something we believe will satisfy people’s changing palates and growing desire for more unique hop varieties.”
Mandarina Bavaria, a relatively new hop varietal developed in Germany’s famed Bavaria region, offers a blend of earthy, citrusy, fruity aromatics. Magnum and Herkules hops provide bitterness that’s substantial, allowing for a unique pale ale that’s more hop-forward than its predecessor, without being overbearing. A touch of rye in the grain bill delivers hints of biscuity character and subtle spice on the palate, adding depth to this nicely balanced, eminently drinkable ale." 


Session IPAs List. Agree?

Getting the week off with yet another list, but, hey, I like session IPAs and there might be a new one in there!!