Saturday, January 26, 2013

From Monroe, WI to Petaluma, CA - A Beer Tale

Front entrance hides an attractive tasting room.
Couple years ago while back in Wisconsin visiting in-laws, we made a day trip over to Monroe, which is SW of Madison a few miles, to sample some local beers. Found the Minhas brewery just off the town square and proceeded to get familiar. 

Great time reading the old beer labels in their gallery and of course, sampling a few of their offerings (see pic of their tap pulls that day).

Minhas labeled bombers.
While in conversation with the staff member serving us, he let it be known that they had just recently contracted with Trader Joe's, a California based chain that is essential to our lifestyle these days, to provide bombers (22.oz) under a custom label. 

Custom label for Trader Joe's.

 I sort of forgot about the beers, though occasionally would look at the beer selections whenever I remembered. Well, last night, lo and behold, on the Petaluma Trader Joe's shelves there they were. I checked the labels, and sure enough, bottled by Rhinelander Brewing (their export label), Monroe, WI. And the real good news is the price: $1.99. That's an amazing price for a 22 oz. bottle these days. The only thing left to do is to sample them and see if the quality has held up since we visited the brewery and survived the travel. 

Stay tuned for the exciting results!!

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