Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy Day at Blue Ridge Brewing, Downtown Greenville, SC.

Busy day down at the Blue Ridge Brewing Company, where I found Brewmaster Dana Dickinson and Wofford College Intern Kat Kilpatrick wrestling kegs of Little Willie Barley Wine and prepping for a Rainbow Trout ESB transfer. Lots of cleaning going on... Dana tells me that a mentor brewmaster gave him some sage advice: "Think three times more often about cleanliness than brewing. Stay ahead of the curve."

Well, I can personally attest, all that was going on, even while being pestered by a pushy photographer [*blush*].
Some typical scenes:

Keg wrangling --- good for muscle tone!

He seems to be enjoying his work.

She does too. Of course, being able to drink on the job is probably a factor!

Dana checking temps prior to some tank cleaning.

 Kay and I really liked this Barely Wine; not sweet and very drinkable.

Time for some sampling, thanks to my hosts.


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