Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Barley's Greenville Third Annual Biggest Little Beer Fest In Pictures

Yep, with camera in hand and my very capable assistant, Catherine, at my side, I plunged into the three floors of activity this past Sunday at Barley's. With 40 breweries participating, there was no shortage of beer tasting action.

Here goes:

First floor crowd control.

The big room was used for some of the biggest names in brewing.

Jester Kings Mad Meg (left) was a good choice; refreshing, crisp, good.

Barley's secret library room. Vintage stuff.

Another view of the library room.

Careful planning is always a good idea, especially with 40 breweries involved.

Will and Meredith of Brewery 85 always seem to be having a good time.

Catherine reminding me that there is yet another floor to discover!

Anywhere there's beer, can pizza be far behind? Ask Amy!
See ya next year!

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