Friday, January 17, 2014

Brewery 85 Night at Community Tap

Scenes from last night's The Community Tap event featuring two of Brewery 85's new releases. Can you say, "packed, boy and girls?" Great turn out in the 6-7 hour when I was there and I suspect it stayed that way for quite awhile.

I enjoyed their Southern Style Pale Ale; very malty up front, but not sweet, thanks to really deft hopping. Dense head lingered and brought the malt notes forward. Moderate 7.01 % abv adds to the drinkability. I expect this one to be popular with those who don't respond well to hop-bombs (hard to imagine, I know) but still want a big structure and dry finish.

Being The Tap, there were other offerings as well and the Avery Maharaja DIPA really rang my and the wife's taste-bud bells, so we left with a growler of it. Gonna be a fun afternoon, sort of laid back and slow, letting the 10% abv glide slowly across the palate. Dang, what hard work!

Some photos:
Brewmaster Will McCameron calling attention to the first two items on the menu board.

Good turn out due to the much-anticipated release of Brewery 85's first releases.

The Community Tap's expansion plans will ease the congestion on popular nights like this.

Will and Meredith (where's Jeremy?) pose with some character who wandered in early in the evening.

Filling Brewry 85 kept Peter and the Tap Staff hopping (is that a pun?)

I also indulged in the Avery Maharaja DIPA and took a growler home. Creamy, hop bomb.

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