Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three's the Charm!

Yep, three new beers discovered last night at Heritage Public House where that seems to happen often. As seen in the photo, l to r,  Squid Ink Black IPA from Pac Brew Labs in SF; CAPT California Blk IPA from Ruhstaller, Sacto;  Rye'd Piper Rye Ale from Ale Industries, Concord.

Our fave of the evening was the Rye'd Piper. Just one of those nights I guess when hops weren't as important as the roasty, rye malt flavors were.  ABV 5.8%

The Captain Black had great hop nose and taste with a smooth chocolate malt finish. Would like to have it again. ABV 7.3%  Their website describes it as :

"Our California Black IPA embodies Captain Frank Ruhstaller’s legacy, boldly balancing the bright citrus aroma and profile of an IPA with a surprisingly smooth, lightly-roasted chocolate malt body."

The Squid Ink was much less hopped, thinner bodied but with a distinctly creamy finish, which I always like in an IPA. ABV 7.0%.

Heritage Menu last night

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