Friday, December 14, 2012

Exciting Evening with Tyler at the Tap Room

Never fails, whenever we go visit the Tap Room located in the Santa Rosa Coddingtown Whole Foods, we get exposed to fabulous new beers and last night was no exception. Tyler Smith, a Certified Cicerone, has put together yet another amazing assortment of hard to come by beers on tap.
Look closely to see Tyler's hand!

Notice the Victory Yakima Glory there in the middle? Well, that turned out to be one of two favorites of the night. A dark IPA from Victory Brewing, this had the hoppy aroma I like, plus the roasted notes of the barley, a creamy mouthfeel and a well balanced finish. I could see myself drinking a lot of this one!

The other favorite was this one: 
Allagash glass is easier to get than one from Copenhagen, I imagine.
It's a Wild Ale, called, It's Alive, from Mikkeller Brewing in Copenhagen, it was a treat to discover. I also enjoyed the tulip glass, which helps keep the beer chilled. 
I will need to do some more research on this, since I wasn't able to take notes, but it was complex, well balanced and had some flavor notes that were new to me, thus the need to do more research. Regardless, if you run across it anywhere I recommend trying it. Very refreshing and a fitting way to end the evening. 

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