Monday, December 10, 2012

A Visit to Speakeasy Brewing

Last week's visit to San Francisco also included a visit (my first) to Speakeasy, which is located out in the hinterlands of SE SF (see map). We lucked out and arrived at 4pm, just as the brewery opened to the public (Fridays and Saturdays only). A quick stop to buy "beer chips" (no money at the bar) and after perusing the day's Tap List (see photo), the sampling began.

Opens to the public at 4 pm, Fri and Sat.

Daily Tap List.

One half of the beers available

Enjoying a Scarlett Red Rye.

Good timing: Brewmaster Kushal Hall led a tour for us.


  1. Love hearing about your latest adventure and learning about this new brewery in SF. Keep the great posts and new places coming! Thanks, Dale

  2. Be careful with all this tasting, Marvy!!