Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Russia River Christmas Eve

Time to get caught up, before the Holidays get away from me... too much activity.
Christmas Eve was spend with Kay and friend Shelley at RR, which was busy early on but began to thin out by the time we had finished out pizzas. Beers of choice? Well, Blind Pig could not be poured due to some carbonation problem so I had the Row 2, Hill 56 Pale Ale, a new release and new for me as well. Made with 100% Simcoe Hops, and low abv of 5.8%, this was a very drinkable, hoppy centric but well balanced ale, which rested nicely on the tongue. Paired with the spicy pizza and held it's own, even with the pepperoni and pepper flakes I added.
Followed that with another new one, their O.V.L. Stout which is a dry Irish stout on nitro. This was a flavor bomb augmented by the creamy mouth feel. A modes 4.4% abv meant I could have had another but I approached carb over-load so I backed off.

A pic of their current selection from their website;

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