Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lagunitas SoCo Stout Background

In a previous post about Lagunitas, I mentioned the SoCo Stout, which Kay and I both responded to with puckered lips: very sour and unlike any previous stouts we had drunk. So, I contacted Lagunitas for an explanation. This is how they responded:

Lagunitas Brewing Co wrote: "Here's the word on SoCo Stout (as in Sonoma County), straight from head brewer, Jeremy Marshall: The barrels are Dirty Pinots & Chards (means not rinsed, freshly emptied barrels, lots of lees---looks like purple pudding) We purge & rack 'em full. Any Brettanomyces or bacterial action comes from the barrel. A lot of oak left from "neutral" barrels will become evident. Aged 2 years then all blended together. Cheers!"

Will certainly be trying it again and I'll post the new tasting notes here.

SoCo is second from right.

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