Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Belgium Asheville Now Open For Tours

Got a sneak preview last week (h/t Susanne Hackett) of what the New Belgium tours will cover. Starting Sept 2, the free tours must be booked on line at their website NewBelgium.com/AshevilleBrewery.

Following Susanne's introduction of Bryan Simpson, PR Director and Alex Dwoinen, Brewing Manager, we set off across the bridge that spans the stream between the Brewery and the Liquid Center.

Later, we were joined by Tyler Foos, Liquid Center Manager, who gave us more details about the tour's content. It's a very impressive facility which is not only environmentally friendly but also reflects the local history of the site which has been a stock yard, a circus fairground and even an auto salvage yard. All of which is referenced in a brilliant use of the  letters from the Carolina Livestock Market original sign, now covered with photos. Look closely for an unusually frightening clown.

Not my plan to give away too much of the tour's info but here are some photos that give a general overview.

Bryan Simpson, PR Director, welcomes the group.

Susanne Hackett, New Belgium Communications Specialist, fills us in on what to expect.

Off we go!

Water reclamation and holding tanks. Keeps the hot liquor hot.

Lauter tun.

Alex Dwoinen, Brewing Manager, in the brew house, describes the wort's path around the room.


These are the original sign letters which now have historic photos attached.

Tyler Foos, Liquid Center Manager, offers background on the Bruges, Belgium beertje story.

Yeast house behind Alex.

Good day for bottling Fat Tire it would seem.

Some day, tubers on the river will be able to haul out and have a beer or three.

The Liquid Center where so much liquid is consumed!

Oh, and I should mention the slide. Used to quickly descend to a lower floor, I have been assured that tour particpants will be able to avail themselves of its speed!



  1. Excellent presentation. Can't wait to try the entire tour.

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