Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brewery85 Celebrating Craft Beer With Games

Fun times this afternoon at Brewery 85's Games Day. Ever played Connect 4? Me either but I saw some folks taking it very seriously. And something called Jinga? A game with destruction as the goal, apparently. Very glad to see the success of this new brewery and I am not influenced in that opinion by the tasty pint of Yeoman I had. Well, ok, maybe a little influenced. Enjoy the pix while I finish off this beer.
Oh, and thanks to Hog Hauler for the dinner suggestions!

No Wrist Band, no Beer. It's the law!!
Getting tickets gets you started on this fun day.
A happy, hop-infused trio!
Locals can stop by after work for a quick pint!
Tim and Allison slugging it out on the Connect 4 board.

Suzanne had a deft touch on this Jinga (Jenga) tower.
Allison is living dangerously!

Oops! James learns the agony of defeat!!

CW, r, and Ryan seem to be tied in the game so far.

Family event as well, and close to the food trucks too!

Daniel,l, and Shawn await in the overflow tent.

Will's parents, Ed and Lib, came to join in the festivities and share their son's success.

Jeremy, l, and Will agreed to take a minute out to pose for an official portrait.

Thanks to Hog Hauler for the dinner suggestions!
 Cheers to all and to all, a good night!


  1. Pictures are awesome but i don't see the one you took of my husband ,at Brewery 85 you took 2 cause the first one didn't look good

    1. Hi, Linda:
      Remind me which couple you were or what your husband was doing. I haven't published all the photos cause I was in such a hurry. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    2. I've updated the photos to include your husband but unfortunately I didn't write his name down.... if you care to leave it here, I'll add it to the caption.