Friday, February 1, 2013

Pliney the Younger Released at Russian River - Mayhem Ensues!

Well, that headline isn't actually accurate. When I got there, all was peaceful, tho' crowded, as people waited in line on 4th Street in Santa Rosa for the Russian River Brewery to open the door and taps so faithful fans could enjoy this once-a-year event.

Here's what the front of the line looked like:

Looking west on 4th street.

And from the other direction: 
Brewery is white bldg just to left of parking kiosk sign.
So, who had the distinction of being first in line? His name is Matt Reagan, arriving at 3 am to grab the cherished spot. That's him in the photo below, apparently appealing to be let in. This was his first time to try Pliney the Younger, which at 10.8% ABV, might be a bit of a shock to the uninitiated.
This was taken at 9:15 am. Doors and taps were to open at 11 am, so still plenty of anticipation time ahead.

Matt seems to be reading the posted crowd instructions.

These two guys came in from Denver, CO, especially for this event. They plan to hit several other local breweries over the weekend.  Ed Smith, left in the photo, has never tasted Pliney the Younger before. Both are IPA fans, especially those of Oskar Blue Brewing.
Missed the name of Colorado dude on the right. Sorry,

 Other sights along the line:

End of the line was down the block and around this corner.

Katy Molnar arrived at 7:30am, well prepared for the wait.

Media was out in force, interviewing brewers.

Probably wondering, "what's all the fuss?"
And of course there is always the end of the line. That honor goes to these two beer lovers, Ray Lardizabal, left, and Marc Dipietra, right. Ray came from Newark; Marc from Alameda.

Marc, right, will be trying Pliney the Younger for the first time.

Staff commemorating the event with self portraits!

And as the morning sun rose slowly (way too slowly for some) over the rooftops along 4th street, I left the yearning crowd to their wait, knowing that the "beer of the Gods" will make it all worthwhile.

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