Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brown Shugga Back On Shelves

One of my favorite seasonals is back again: Lagunitas' Brown Shugga. Didn't get any last year cause, due to expansion construction at their brewery, they couldn't make any. They did make a substitute, "Lagunitas Sucks" and while it was indeed a very good beer (especially on tap), there ain't but one Brown Shugga. So, hooray for the holidays, it's back!
So, now for some food pairing: You get the sweetness up front, so what food seems to work best? Spicy, in my opinion. I've had it with burgers, but didn't seem to complement each other nor add to the taste sensation. However, last night we tried it with marinated grilled pork loin quesadillas, with extra hot sauce for me, and the integrated flavors were fantastic! Actually, if you consider what the high alcohol (9.9abv) adds, you sort of get the sweet, spicy, bitter qualities that define Chinese cuisine. So I guess that will be the next tasting.
For more background on Brown Shugga (with a nod to the Rolling Stones) read about it here.

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