Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Few Words About An All-time Fave

Photo: Ballast Point Web Site
After a trip to San Diego earlier this year, I came back to Sonoma county with a much greater appreciation of the varied (and many) craft brewing communities down there. And I also added another IPA to my Top Ten list: Ballast Point Sculpin. Doing some reading this morning at one of the burgeoning brewing on-line publications, I ran across their description of Sculpin, liked what they said and decided to pass it along:

"Sculpin’s aroma perfectly complements its flavor: While powerfully bright orange and tangerine radiate in the nose, on the tongue, woodsy, piney hop flavors permeate thick, bready, toasted malt—a fantastic showcase of American hops’ versatility. Although com- manding, this beer’s bitterness feels smooth, nipping a flash of sweetness in the finish as a palatable dryness settles over the tongue."

To that I might add, "it's damned yummy!!"

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