Sunday, June 11, 2017

Upstate New Brew Thursday Release

(I'm a bit late on this post but I was at Upstate Craft Beer last night and the three beers were still on tap, but I'd get there soon cause their beers go quickly)

Another busy day doing critical research, this time Upstate Craft Beer Co., and their New Brew Thursday releases. Two IPAs and a Hefe, all described as "haze forward" and from the photo you can see the accuracy of that description. Aoraki DIPA, pure grapefruit creaminess; Haus Music Hefeweizen with yeast and grainy notes; Triple C's IPA with three popular hops, all starting with the letter C. All three beers very satisfying and true to their respective styles. Drink'em up, they won't last long, especially with hot weather approaching. Cheers!


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