Thursday, July 7, 2016

Newest Addition to GVegas' Beer Scene

Considering myself something of a roving ambassador for all things beer related, I hastened down to the newest (and nearest) addition to our beer-enjoying scene, Grateful Brew at 501 South Pleasantburg, couple doors down from the Pita House. I met George Linn, general manager (left in the photo) and Tony Cordova, beerista, for a chat and a sample of some new brews. Their tap lineup today was very impressive, as you can see from the photos. Certainly not the usual suspects, tho I did see some of my top tier faves there.

Still working out some details, but the coffee hours will be appreciated, 6 am, especially when the Technical College is back in session! 

My first-time-ever brewery today was Sugar Creek from the Charlotte area. Had their Raspberry Wit, very refreshing, dry on the palate, noticeable fruit, but restrained. Also had their Pale which is listed as a Belgian style but this one is nearly a hop bomb. Naturally, I loved it. Solid hop presence, medium bodied and easy to drink. I'll be having more of that one for sure. Anyway, I encourage a visit, help them get off to a successful start and I'm confident you'll be grateful to find a new brew you like.



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