Friday, April 22, 2016

Upstate Craft Beer Co Comes Through For #GCBW

I know it's only Tuesday, but the ‪#‎Greenvillecraftbeerweek‬ event at ‪#‎Upstatecraftbeer‬ has to rank as one of the top events that local beer brewers/lovers have enjoyed so far. This was the big collaboration night that was so highly anticipated.

13 breweries, active or about to be, were represented by their efforts in making this collaboration history. Looking around I saw practically all of the Greenville brewing heavy weights gathered on one spot for some true appreciation of what each was capable of, with the assistance of Chris Hardin, Upstate brewmaster, and Jack McDonald, co-owner. 

I'll get into the brews that caught my attention later (there were several) but for now, a few fotos that hopefully capture the spirit of the event. Btw, the muffin tins you see in abundance are a link to the history of the building that houses Upstate, the Clausen Bakery. Drop by the brewery and Chris or Jack will be happy to give you the details that fueled this inspired tribute.

Cheers and on to the next event!!!

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