Monday, April 18, 2016

Greenville Craft Beer Week V.3

It's happening! The Greenville Craft Beer Week is up and running (drinking?) on all fermenters.

Sunday afternoon was the official start at Brewery85, with help from Upstate Craft Beer Co,  where people sat at tables to recite embarrassing answers to fill in the blank questions, otherwise known as Cards Against Humanity. I guess the beer helps remove inhibitions, people seemed to be into it.  

Next stop was Bistro Passerelle where The Community Tap joined with Passerelle's chef Teryi Youngblood to provide a unique pairing of special beers with Teryi's creations. Limited seating sold out and the afternoon was perfect. I would have loved to stay but duty called (read: they offered me no free beer) so I headed for the next event.

 Which was the fund raising beer auction at Barleys Taproom. The pool tables upstairs served as displays for the donated brews with their silent auction bid sheets. Some hard to find and unusual beers were offered. A live auction energized the crowd at 8pm or so. Last word I received was that the live auction raised over $5000. for The Julie Valentine Center, which offers support for abused children. Good beer, a good time and a good cause. Another example of the benevolent activities of the craft beer community.

More to come of course, it's only Monday, including a dinner/beer pairing at The Trappe Door tonight. I'll report on those later in the week.

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