Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Smoke Beer? No Thanks

Seems I have finally come across a beer that I just can't seem to like; the smokey kind. Example from last night's Tap Takeover by Revelry Brewing, Charleston, at Upstate Craft Beer Co., is their Smoke Show, a Rauchbier ( means smoked in German) lager. I've been told that after the first sip and as you become accustomed to the smokey flavor, it's more enjoyable. Maybe so, but I'm not sure I have the time nor patience, since there are so many beers I enjoy instantly, like their Breakfast & Brunettes, a Dubbel with real coffee. As the old adage explains, "once a hophead, always a hophead." 

 Btw, the Blonde Ale on tap, Not That Yellow, by Upstate's Chris and Allie, was very enjoyable. It's the one in the front in the photo. The Revelry lineup, backrow, l to r, is their Covert Ops, a Dunkelweizen; Smoke Show, the Rauchbier; and Breakfast & Brunettes.

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