Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall for Greenville Fun As Ever

Recovering from a soggy Saturday and a sunny Sunday at Fall for Greenville. As usual, great music and outstanding choices for craft beer. Our locals were well represented with lines forming (on Sunday anyway) at each. Favorite of the event, for me and friends who came with us, turned out to be Foothills' India Pale Lager, although Trifecta by Thomas Creek was a close second. Weird food of the event, tho it tasted good but deadly, was the Fried Oreos. Yep, I tried one. Nope, did not have a second. Used some Holy City's Plough Mud Stout to erase the taste. Congrats to all the organizers, breweries and volunteers who made this year's event as fun as ever. Cheers.

Saturday was wet but we stayed for Honey and the Hotrods.

Main in the rain, Sunday.

Thomas Creek and Quest were there, wet with everyone else. Sunday was sunny!

Sunny Sunday on Main. Got very crowded with food-loving folks.

Our favorite beer of the day was the India Pale Lager from our friends from Winston-Salem, NC.

Wasted Wine as a big crowd pleaser. Note the Harmonium on the table. Don't see that often.

Cheers. #nextyear

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