Thursday, October 15, 2015

Canning Time @Brewery85

Beer canning became a spectator sport last night at Brewery 85. Watched cans being filled, cans being stacked and cans being tossed! Quittin' Time Helles was the star this time. Cans were also weighed, imprinted with pithy comments and even handed out to a fortunate few ( I got one!). Based upon the huge stacks of empties awaiting their turn, I'd say that chances are good that you could drop in soon for a pint and get the same floor show. Rack'em!!

Will weighs, while Jeremy stacks

Justin burning calories.

Rack'em. Stack topped off and ready for the cooler

Meredith joins the packing crew.

Quality control means proper fill.

Beer toss to Taylor Lamm.
End of successful beer run.

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