Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cleaning Beer Lines at Quest Brewing


Back from a very educational (and beery) morning at #QuestBrewing with Lee Brunelle, Tap Room Manager, learning to clean tap lines using a pressure pot as part of my Cicerone Certification studies. 

I helped purge the beer lines with water, then with a mild acid solution (held for twenty minutes), purge again with water, disassemble the taps (7 parts, don't lose a one!), clean and scrubb them, then reassembled and reconnected them to the tap wall. This process is repeated every two weeks so that the beer you drink there is uncontaminated in any way on its way from the keg. Obviously Don Richardson, Co-Owner and Brewmaster, and his crew take quality control seriously. Managed to squeeze in time for a couple photos, for those as fascinated with the process as I.

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