Friday, February 27, 2015

Boulevard Comes To Community Tap

As expected, really enjoyed myself at ‪#‎thecommunitytap‬'s tasting takeover by Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City. Big turnout - guess other folks like their beer too.

Informative conversation with Boulevard rep, Michael Emrie, who clued me into why the 80-acre Hoppy Wheat is not a wheat IPA. The beer is dryhopped for aroma mostly, finishes like a good wheat should.

Some pics I took in between tastes, including one of Darby Wilcox, one of my favorite local musicians.

Michael Emrie, Mktg Rep, explained the reasoning behind the Hoppy Wheat.

Darby Wilcox and Michael Emrie enjoyed beer and conversation. Not sure about the photobomber.

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