Saturday, August 16, 2014

Holy City at the Greenville Growler Station

Big Jon Richards hosted a rare tasting on Holy City beers (they're from Charleston) couple nights ago. All three beers were new to me, and two were new to him.

Washout Wheat, slight variation of the style, no orange or coriander flavors.

 Chucktown Follicle Brown was a complete surprise. Very leafy flavors jumped out at the beginning, changed, with less intensity as it warmed. Unusually hoppy for a brown was my overall reaction.

Pluff Mud Porter had an unusual acid sourness in the finish. Light to medium body, roasted flavors not over-powering, but I was puzzled by the sour.... why?

All well made  beers, but only the Wheat stands a chance of being ordered again.

And thanks to the Greenville Growler Station for the tasting opportunity.

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