Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Victory Brewing Goes An Extra Week For New IPA, Wild Devil

Long time fan of HopDevil (just had it at The Community Tap last week), just learned of a variation on that popular theme, called Wild Devil. Added some brett in an extra week of brewing.

Here's the description, from their website:
"The Victory team of brewers crossed the traditional spiciness of American hops with the tart fermentation aspects of brettanomyces, often referred to as “wild yeast”. With one simple change, everything takes a turn for a unique and deliciously wild brew. The result is floral, aromatic hops paired with kicked up notes of citrus and pine to create a flavor profile not unlike a tart cherry pie."
I'll certainly give it a try... it's now up to our locals to latch on to a keg.

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