Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Collaborative Ale Will Kick Off Quest's Concert Series

Just back from a visit to Quest Brewing Company where Spike Buckowski, Brewmaster from Terrapin Beer Co. joined with Don Richardson, Quest's Brewmaster, to come up with what sounds like an amazing collaboration: an Imperial Brown Ale with blueberries, called ToBe the Turtle (I don't know, don't ask) which will be released April 3, a Thursday, to kickoff the Quest Thursday night concerts for 2014. Looking forward to that, many pleasant evenings were spent last year at this event. Some photos to peruse while we wait:

Venerable mash tun.

Something going on down there!!

Don and Spike graciously take a minute out from the transfer process of their collaborative brew.

Kate Townsend is pleased that Spike Buckowski, Terrapin Beer Co. Brewmaster, came to visit.

Andrew demonstrating what is clearly a hands-on operation for labeling.

Peter putting something into gear (or so it seems to this untrained eye).

Wait till April 3, this site will be jumping!!!

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  1. Great story. Maybe I'll get an opportunity to visit them one day. Barry