Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wookey Jack - What??

Speaking of names ( and I was a post or two ago), this one, Wookey Jack from Firestone Walker is very high on the wtf scale. I haven't spoken to anyone at FW just yet to discover the origin, but I can attest to its drinkability. It's a Black Rye IPA, 8.3% ABV, and tasty on many levels. I'm learning to appreciate the quality that rye gives a brew, and of course I've been drinking and enjoying Black IPAs for some time now, so this is a fortunate conjunction of flavors for me. The brewery describes it as:

"Rich dark malts and spicy rye careen into bold citrus laden hops creating a new dimension in IPA flavor.  This brew has been left unfiltered and unfined to retain all of its texture and character.  At 60 IBUs, Wookey Jack is gnarly on the outside yet complex and refined on the inside."

I describes it as "Yummy," (a technical term we craft-brews aficionados use frequently).

Some portraits are in order:

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  1. There is a couple of small brewing companies popping up in north georgia ( at last ! ), red hare brewing and burnt hickory .i will try and report on how they are !!