Wednesday, June 27, 2012

McMurtry at Lagunitas

A bum knee and repair work on the swimming pool deck has kept me from updating this site lately, but that is about to change. At no time did my favorite libation intake vary.... especially at Lagunitas, home of the seasonal Undercover Investigation. They've begun Monday night concerts, usually free if you pick up the tickets yourself, and we were fortunate to catch James McMurtry two Mondays ago (told you this place needed updating!). Forthwith, some photos of the event and the new metal cups that allow beer consumption in the Amphitheaterette.

Wore my Stone Brewing shirt to the Lagunitas concert - didn't get thrown out!

James McMurtry working that guitar. He likes distortion from his amps!

Part of the crowd on the grassy slope enjoying McMurtry and beer.

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