Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Community Tap's VIBE

 So, The Community Tap's VIBE event is now but a memory, but what a memory that is. The Very Important Beer Event had been postponed from it's original date back in the Spring. You know the villainous reason why... I want to take a few moments (keystrokes?) to recognize the fact that Mike Okupinski, Anna Evans Okupinski, Ed Buffington and the entire Tap Crew pulled off a stellar event, even with (or perhaps because of) the familiar restrictions.

From the line at the entrance over which Mike monitored, to the temp checks and reading of our Miranda rights before being handed our first taster (Zwick'L lager), to the escorting to our tables, all was done with masked crew members and social distance awareness.

The idea of being seated and having the beers delivered to your table was inspired and prevented what is usually a bottleneck of sorts with folks lining up at a tap table for their samples, which in this case would have been unthinkable.

The Community Tap and The Community Tap - Trailside (the site of this event) have hosted many an event since the troubles began earlier but this one, at least for me, will rank as one of the best ever. No need tell you the many reasons why. I had 35 of them. Cheers.

A few moments captured for viewing:








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