Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's A Holliday Beer!

A motivating factor in the world of writing a beer blog is the opportunity to visit newly opened breweries, sampling their lineup and being very pleased with each beer tasted. Such an event happened yesterday when Retired Bob and I journeyed to Holliday Brewing in Spartanburg. Fresh off their opening last Saturday, there were 11 house beers. We sampled two flights, 8 beers total and our reaction was basically, "these guys know what they're doing!" Stand outs for us included the Hazy, Mosaic and 9-0 IPAs; the Porter and Capt 502, a session imperial lager also made our list to recommend.

And those guys who know what they doing are Jim and John Holliday, owners, with John handling the brewing part. Originally from San Diego where John developed his home brewing skills, he also worked for White Labs, San Diego, engineering their brewing and fermentation systems. In the small world department, he was responsible for the systems installations at the While Labs facility in Asheville, known locally as White Labs Kitchen and Tap. Regulars readers of this blog will remember my recent visits there where I enjoyed both the excellent food and informative beer/yeast menu.

The Holliday venue is spacious, comfortable and conducive to sitting around, sipping beer or wine from a respectable menu as well. I was impressed with the selection of art works on the old brick walls as well. A welcome addition to our Upstate brewing community. Welcome and Cheers!

You can get more info about them using the link above. And you can get visually inspired by the pix below.
Bob Muller
White Labs Kitchen & Tap

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