Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Barley's Biggest Little Beer Fest Delivered!

"How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon" by Li'l Marvy.

Here, with all these people and all those beers.
Barley's Seventh Annual Biggest Little Beer Fest delivered on all promises; some extraordinarily good beers were brought by breweries upping their game. My, my.

No way to choose a favorite from this unique bunch but couple stands outs for me that day:
Anderson Valley Rosé Gose, Lagunitas Rum BA Brown Shugga, Manlandia Meth Head Stole My V-Dub, a home brew saison, and Highland Brewing Company's Missing Pieces IPA made my day. And I haven't even mentioned the Belgians down at the Trappe! And a La Folie 2010 in the Library Room.

Look for them in the photos. What a day.

Darby Wilcox and Her Peep Show kept the energy levels up and Pizza slices fended off any hunger pangs that might have interfered with a tasting schedule. Behold the images:

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