Saturday, March 11, 2017

Brew Wars Winning Beer Announced

The war is over!! I knew you'd be glad to hear that. And by over I mean you can continue to drink the spoils, so to speak.
Well of course I'm talking about the Brew Wars that happened at Thomas Creek Brewery, with the final skirmish happening yesterday, voting for the favorite by an eager and curious public.
Zach Newton, Brett Terrapin, Josh Caprell & Adam W teamed up in pairs to create something unique from the Trifecta base beer: Super Dank and Farmhouse DIPA. I tried both, each was worthy of winning and of serious drinking, and now the victor can be revealed:
Super Dank won by two votes! An honest election with serious candidates and a minimum of ballot stuffing. So, they are now on tap for you to judge for yourself. Actually, there are no losers here, just two new fine beers to enjoy. Some pics from the event, including the brewers demonstrating the professionalism and poise that accompanied the challenge.

 Cheers to all!!

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