Saturday, January 16, 2016

Upstate Craft Beer Co. Getting Lots of Attention

I stopped by Upstate Craft Beer Co. to get their spent grain, which Kay uses as a soil amendment, and discovered a radio broadcast going on, plus some beer lovers who are going to brew their own (an option offered by Upstate) involved in their pre-brew fest consultation. Chris obviously had a very busy day.

Jeff Gerber, Summit Media rep, checks the Final Gravity of the IPA brewed today as a station promotion. Chris was pleased with the numbers.

Jack, right, helps with the radio broadcast, all digital of course.

One of the first groups to brew their own on Upstate Craft Beer Co.'s system. Left to right, Jim Novak, Cory Croissant, Chris Hardin, Brewmaster and Jeff Bauer pose for the interruption of their consultation with Chris.

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