Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lunch at the Taproom, Sierra Nevada Style

Very expansive dining area, large U-shaped bar, made from locally reclaimed wood, and 24 choices of beer, including a version of their Pale Ale which is only available there.
Tried a tasting flight of 4 choices ($4) and eventually chose the Golden IPA to accompany my Sausage and Sprouts lunch (play on Bangers and Mash, since the dish has mashed potatoes with the Brussel sprouts. A very complimentary pairing with the Scotch Ale as well with the IPA.
Brave soul next to me had the fried-chicken donut sandwich and still alive and kicking when I left. She paired it with a dark beer, forgot which one.
I enjoyed the experience of having the place practically to ourselves, since it's grand opening and early in the week. I can imagine what this weekend will look like. They don't take reservations for dining, so plan to try some sampler flights if you have to wait at the bar.
Once again, SN has demonstrated how things should be done when beer and consumers are the primary focus and have created the benchmark for all large breweries coming into this area. Well done, folks, well done. Cheers.

The view at 10:55 am this morning. Grand opening.

Copper-clad kettles greet arrivals.

Fried Chicken & Doughnut Sandwich uses a brioche donut.

Very typical site: Beer Blogger at the bar.

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