Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Collaboration Brew Day - Local Chapter

Visited Quest Brewing Company this morning, the local site of the first state-wide Pink Boots Society event: International Women's Collaboration Brewing Day. Pink Boots Society (PBS), is an international organization devoted to educating and empowering women in craft beer. The object of today's event is to brew, collaboratively, a designated style of beer, in this case an Irish Red, and release it two weeks or so down the road at an event which will draw attention to the organization and its goals.
The ladies collaborating today are various areas of the craft beer community: brewery employees, bloggers, bartending, retail craft sales and growler refill stations. Some are even home brewers.
Following the sparging, boiling, cooling and fermentation, the ale will be ready for all to taste, evaluate and drink. Very small amount so the tasting will be a special occasion. Harvin at will be a good source for further info.
So, I caught some of the action in between sips of Melusine BiƩre de Garde and bites of Fields of Gold Farm Goat Milk Gelato made with Quest's Smoking Mirror Porter. One of my most challenging assignments!

Photos begin here:

L to R: Caitlin Pierson, Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom; Keats Wineland, beer enthusiast; Courtney Pici, Bartender/Homebrewer; Erin Gregory, Quest Brewing Company; Kathy Roberts, Crafted, The Beer Store; and Harvin Bedenbaugh, Blogger/Brewery 85 bartender, aka Craftbeerchick.

Beginning of the sparging process.

Getting ready for the boil.
Now for a two week wait to taste it!!



  1. Thanks for coming out and taking pictures!

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