Saturday, January 10, 2015

Highland Brewing Company IPA Release

Glad to have participated in last night's Devil's Britches Red IPA release party in Asheville, NC's Highland Brewing Company. Named for a trail at Cataloochee Ranch in Haywood County, NC, this rich, red IPA has plenty of hop aroma and flavor, but is well balanced so the malt backbone comes through. I enjoyed a couple pints and, since it was also a fund raiser, brought a six-pack home as well.
Big turn out despite the cold and all seemed to be enjoying the beers on tap as well as the music from the band, Franklin's Kite.

Here's a description of Devil's Britches from Highland's Website:

"Ashburne Mild malt produces a toasted and biscuity flavor, and Extra Special malt renders an alluring red hue. Apollo hops provide aggressive bitterness(70 IBU), while dry-hopping with Calypso hops yields complex fruity and floral aromas with hints of pear and apple."

Some photo highlights:

Tap room was busy, despite the cold.

Love those seasonals.

Franklin's Kite was a crowd pleaser with some original tunes.

Headforbeer himself, having the first pint of Devil's Britches.

Alas, they were not filling growlers at this event, as Jason and Mairr Uhrinek discovered.

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  1. Thanks for joining us and for the post! We will have five release parties like this one in 2015. Hope you will return! Cheers