Monday, September 22, 2014

Septembrew Fest - A Swampfull of Fun in Traveler's Rest, SC

Ben Pierson awaiting visitors. (Ignore Will's photobomb)
Ben Pierson, owner/brewmaster of Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom, wanted an opportunity to recognize the growth and success of the 6 Upstate craft breweries, so he created the first-ever Septembrew Fest at his place in Traveler's Rest.
He put out the word, got some food trucks and BBQ caterers involved, hired a band and the rest, as someone once said, is now history.
Thomas Creek, Blue Ridge, Quest, RJ Rocker and Brewery 85 joined Swamp Rabbit in offering samples of their brews, some poured for this occasion only, and a good time was guaranteed for all.
I can personally attest that the previous statement is true. And I have the photos to prove it:

Park the bikes, get a wrist band!

Brimstone Highway's beer-friendly music set the correct tone.

At 1pm, the beer started pouring:

Swamp Rabbit's tent stayed busy.
Katie and Dana, Blue Ridge with a new Pale Ale that I really enjoyed.

Bryant and Travis, l-r, ready to serve.

Son of a Peach was still available, as was Bellringer DIPA.

Mitchell and Andrew showing pride in their product!

Hilarity and fun ensued:

The band played on...

Ok, we've got beer, music, fun and games, now we just need some..... Food!!

Half full or half empty?

Brat in hand, it was time for me to try that Award-winning Red Whitey, a White ale with attractive aromas of fresh, crushed raspberries. Yum! And refreshing on this hot day.

This photo of representatives from 3 of the 6 breweries involved clearly demonstrates the camaraderie and good will that exists here among the Upstate brewers. Cheers to all!

Brewery 85, Thomas Creek and Quest smile for my camera.  Blue Ridge, RJ Rocker and Swamp Rabbit folks too busy to join in?

The good times sped by and suddenly it was time for me to move on to other engagements (involving growlers, among other things) so a final word from Ben:

Cheers and thanks for coming!!

This Septembrew Fest is in the history books, time to start planning next year's!!


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