Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Georgia Beer On My Mind

Just returned from a weekend trip to Canton (near Cartersville) GA, for a family event. Our hosts were my niece Stacie and her husband, John who works at the Anheiser-Busch brewery.  He is also Scottish and a big futbol fanatic, very knowledgeable about the international teams, thus a perfect companion for the World Cup final.

He also introduced me to a Cartersville business, Muskedines, a growler station as well as a supplier for all brewing needs, plus wine making/tasting stuff. Kenny McCoury is the owner and a great resource for brewing info.

Bit of construction and remodeling going on but we were greeted by the lovely view of these 12 taps:

Wonderfulness ensued as I was introduced to a new brewery, Six Point Brewery from Brooklyn, NY.
On tap was their Imperial IPA, Hi-Res. At 11.1% abv, one needs to tread carefully; definitely do not pound this on down. That said, it was very drinkable, the alcohol hidden nicely behind the well balanced hop/malt recipe.

Hi-Res sampler, a small amount but big impact. Quite a beer.
Come Sunday, for the World Cup final, I had brought a growler of Palmetto Amber to help sustain the excitement. Considered their signature ale, it's a light to medium bodied ale with Columbus, Chinook and Zythos hops, and at only 5.7% abv, a good choice to accompany an hour and a half futbol game.

After the German victory, John celebrated with, surprisingly, a non-Teutonic beer, choosing instead a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. John was elated because he had chosen Germany to win from the very beginning.
Monday found us heading back home, with a detour thru Athens, since neither Kay nor I had ever visited. After some Google searching, she chose Trappeze as the gastro pub to visit and glad we are that we found it.

Good food, at the bar, and some 31 beers on tap (2 were down, 33 is the usual) made the day for us.

I chose the Ballast Point Fathom IPL, 7.0% abv, Kay had the Off Color Tooth and Claw Czech pils, 4.8%. abv. We also had a half pour of Yes Face ESB, since it is brewed by a good friend's brother. Good choice to accompany our sandwiches.

The apres-lunch devastation.
A quick walk around the block and it was time to head for home. My kind of day: good food, new beers in a new city. The craft beer life!!


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