Friday, May 9, 2014

Freehouse Brewing Comes To Town

Educational and fun time at the Greenville Growler Station last night, where Freehouse came to pour samples of their beer line-up.

Owner Arthur Lucas poured samples of four beers for us.

Started with the Ashley Farmhouse, a Belgian-style saison. Refreshing with a bitter orange peel flavor in the finish. Tasty. 5.5% abv.

Then, Green Door IPA, brewed with British ale yeast and organic hops, has a nice hoppy flavor and finish but with estery notes from the yeast. Different but good. 5.7% abv.

Bitter Monk was poured next, a strong Belgian Golden with orange and grapefruit zest added but well balanced with the typical Belgian flavors. Very sippable and refreshing as well. 7.3% abv.

Lastly, the London 2014 Porter made with an abundance of hops, making this porter very different than most. Good roasty coffee/chocolate flavors but tempered with the strong hop presence, especially in the finish where I usually find the final smokiness; not so much here, just well balanced and very drinkable. I'll look for this one again. 6.0% abv.

Some photos of the evening and thanks to owner Arthur Lucas for the samples and info.

Another reason to make a return visit and brewery crawl to Charleston.


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