Saturday, September 21, 2013

Greenville Hop House Grand Opening; Rain, What Rain?

 The Greenville Hop House held their grand opening today, not letting the rain showers dampen their enthusiasm at all. Normal retail and growler filling takes place inside so that went on as usual. Just the folks sitting out in the yard under the tents were affected somewhat, but I saw smiles everywhere and the on-site brewing demo filled the air with the unmistakable aroma of beer being made. Took some photos to document to occasion and managed to keep the lens mostly dry.

Andrew, left, and Leroy add table assembly and tent raising to their many skills
The folks from I-Que barbcue are all smiles despite the rain, possibly as a result of being so close to that fragrant pork waiting to be served!
Andrew Myers, Manager, keeps the mash under control for the on-site IPA brewing.

Later, the amber malts are added to add balance. Still smelling good.

Inside, a look at the inventory of ingredients available to a growing population of home brewers.

That wicked weed shows up again. An amazing selection, to my eye.

Hop House owner Leroy DuBré shows up with... what? A new recipe in the works??

If your growler is uncomfortable, maybe one of these handmade cozies will solve the problem.

Quite a story about these b&w photos from the Prohibition era. Ask about them when you visit.

This little jewel is a growler pouch used for the same purpose but with obvious advantages. Hop House is the only brew gear supplier in the state with theses.

Weston Gaston, Beer Ambassador, kept his space dry for those wanting to "wet their whistle " with a variety of Thomas Creek bottlings.

Quest Brewing was scheduled to offer tastes later in the afternoon.

I couldn't hang around any longer, tho the beer brewing and barbcue smells were very tempting, cuz the rain was getting harder and I didn't have adequate protection for my camera. 
But I learned a lot here and anyone considering home brewing as a new past time  or career move will find everything they need here and the expertise from the staff to help them on their way.

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