Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Weekend - Large Tasting Opportunities

Tomorrow will find the Headforbeer crew in the usually tranquil Anderson, SC for the very first ever, BrewHaHa beer, music and food event.  Details are here:

The past week has been busy as well, preparing for our friends from CA's first visit to our new abode, and studying the updated syllabus for the Cicerone Certified Server exam which is coming up.

I've been keeping myself calm in this malstrom of energy by quaffing
Sierra Nevada's latest Seasonal, Flipside, a red IPA. Made with three of my favorite hops, citra, simcoe and centennial, this is a hop lovers feast yet it has plenty of malty sweetness mid-palate and while very satisfying, the finish is not quite as bitter as you might expect. The citra hops give it a very citrusy nose and aroma. A tolerable 6.2% abv allowed me to strongly consider having two, but there was another beer I wanted to try so I restrained myself.
I like this one and as typical of Sierra Nevada's beers, another memorable one. Who knows, this might become a year round.

I''ll be back later this weekend with a full accounting of the BrewHaHa activities, including favorite and/or new beers.


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