Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chipotle Peppers In An Amber Ale? Holy Tastebuds Alert!!

 Attended the monthly Cask Night soireé last evening at the Thomas Creek Brewery, Greenville, SC.

For each of these events they brew up a special cask and for this one, the Appalachian Amber Ale with chipotle peppers
and wildflower honey was quite the treat.
The heat of the peppers gave way to the honey-infused sweetness, all nicely balanced with the 6.8% ABV. Very sippable.

Of course their usual line up was available (in carefully monitored samples, adhering to the
new legal constraints on amount of beer they can serve) and so was their new seasonal, the Pumpkin Ale, which appears to have become an ubiquitous craft brew these days.

In addition to the food trucks, honey wagon (for real!), coming-event promotions, live music and convivial camaraderie, the upcoming expansion efforts were very visible as the adjacent grounds were being excavated and modified for their new purpose.
In between samplings of the cask offering and the Class Five IPA (no Up The Creek this evening) I grabbed my trusty Nikon and did my best impression of a working photographer. Evidence below:

What is this thing? Keep reading, I'll explain a little farther down.

Good beer pairs well with good food, don't you think.
And good food is best from good people. Asada is incredibly popular around town.

Kerry Owen's Bee Well Honey was used in the special Cask Ale.
Kerry sampling the end result: Appalachian Amber with Chipotle Peppers and his Honey!

Thomas Creek Co-founder Bill Davis appears to be very interested in Quest Brewing's Don Richardson's opinion.

Friendly crowds are typical of craft beer events.

Event was dog friendly too, of course.
And these friendly ladies were in demand for photo opps!
This guy was probably the only person there not enjoying a brew! Taking advantage of the dry day.
Working hard to keep up with the demand, here the Brown Ale has been chosen.
Second pouring station and home of the special cask.
Tom, Stephanie and Bill seem to think the event is going well.

Pear Shaped Events attended to promote an upcoming fundraiser.

I think the only person not having a  good time at this fun-filled event was this little newcomer who seems to be disappointed that it will be another 21 years before he/she can take part.

As is well known, it's never too early to start appreciating good craft brewed beer and Thomas Creek is a great place to start.


(all photos by Marv Parker who will exchange all rights for a couple good beers!)

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