Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Look at Greenville's Brewing Scene

Lots of news about Greenville's very active brewing community. From Brewery 85 (still in an undisclosed location) to the newest attraction along the Swamp Rabbit trail, soon-to-be Traveler's Rest's own Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom, plenty of buzz to keep up with. I tried to do some of that with a recent video conversation with Don Richardson, Brewmaster and Co-Owner of Quest Brewing Co., which had it's grand opening last month, to much enthusiasm and favorable response from the craft beer-drinking community. I asked Don about the response to all the acclaim.

I brought up the subjects of passion and community, both of which I recognize as vital components within the industry that makes it both fun and successful. Here's his take on it:

Now that all the excitement of the grand opening has died down and the day to day operation of the brewery is underway, I asked Don about his ideas for Quest's future:

The concert schedule in on their website (see the link above) and I see some good music and beer times ahead. Don also mentioned the possibility of a pumpkin Saison coming along soon, so all you pumpkin ale fans can watch for that (and there are a lot of you folks apparently).

So, Don, any final words?

I'm glad you and all the Quest gang are here to add to the vibrant beer-loving scene we all enjoy in the greater Upstate area.

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